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5 Great Ways to Stay Fit for Free

Every year we spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on gym memberships, exercise classes and workout equipment. But what if you didn’t need any of that? What if exercise didn’t have to cost you a penny? Here are five great ways you can stay fit for free.

  1. Ditch the car.

When you’ve got errands to run nearby or you have to get something small from the grocery store, you don’t need your car. You’ll feel better, improve your health, and lose some extra weight if you use your feet instead. Best of all, walking everywhere will even help your wallet as you won’t be wasting money on gas.

  1. Use your commute.

If you live within a few miles of the office, why not cycle or run to work in the morning? It won’t take much longer than driving there in a congested city at rush hour, and you’ll arrive at work wide awake, energized, and ready for the day ahead.

  1. Take your workouts outside.

Instead of giving away your hard-earned cash to a boring gym where you run on a treadmill, work out on an elliptical machine, or cycle on a stationary bike while looking at a brick wall, why not take your exercise to the great outdoors? You can jog or ride a bike just about anywhere, and you can run laps on hills or stairs in the local park if you want a more challenging workout.

Research has shown that outdoor exercise boosts your mood far more than doing exactly the same thing inside, even when the weather’s bad.

  1. Exercise to socialize.
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Working out is always more fun when you’re not alone. Next time you want to meet up with a friend, try suggesting going for a hike during the weekend or jogging around the local park one evening. You’ll have lots of time to catch up and burn loads of calories, and it won’t cost either of you a dime.

  1. Outdoor gyms.

Lots of parks now have specially designed exercise areas where you can work out for free. These workout stations are hugely popular in many urban areas, and they’re often well equipped. If you want to do some strength training as well as cardio, then the bars, cables, and rings you’ll find are perfect for an endless variety of challenging bodyweight exercises. Stay fit for free.

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