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5 Gentle Exercises for Crohn’s Patients

exercises for Crohn's patients


Crohn’s Disease can give you a tender stomach due to an inflamed digestive system, but often times the disease affects more than just your digestion; you might experience joint pain, back pain, fatigue, anemia, depression, skin problems, eye inflammation, bloating, fever, and a general poor quality of life. With so many symptoms, it’s difficult to find the motivation to exercise. Following are five exercises for Crohn’s. patients.

1. Walking is easy on the joints, but the benefits are endless. It improves digestion, builds muscle, supports blood flow, and relaxes the body.

2. Biking is a great option if speed is your thing, but you don’t have the energy or strength for jogging. Choose an interesting route; building muscle while seeing the sights can also ease boredom and make your workout more interesting.

3. Yoga is a gentle exercise that works the muscles–it improves flexibility, stretches the muscles, releases muscle tension, and eases pain. Studies also show that it might boost spirits and encourage relaxation.

4. Swimming is a powerhouse exercise; while gentle on the stomach, it gives your muscles an excellent workout, strengthens your entire body, supports joint health, and speeds digestion.

5. Trail riding is a good choice for those who have already developed some muscle. A slow trail ride on a steady horse is not only relaxing, but it can further build your muscles through isometric exercise.  

Rest is crucial for Crohn’s patients, but many studies suggest that exercise is just as important. Regular, gentle exercises will strengthen your body, improve your health, and maybe even lessen Crohn’s symptoms. The benefits of exercises for Crohn’s patients  far outweigh the risks.

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