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5 amazing ways to detox

Detoxing has become a commonly used household word as of late and for good reason as we are exposed to toxins on a daily basis through stress, pollutants, water, air, food additives, and so on. A regular detoxifying cleanse will increase energy, improve sleep, and improve your overall health greatly by removing bad substances that have built up in your body over time, and will continue to do so causing havoc if you don’t do something!

So, here are 5 amazing ways to detox your body to start feeling better now

There are several methods available for use, here’s a few of them that are guaranteed to get you feeling refreshed and relieved!

  1. Detox foot spas/baths: When it comes to foot spas you can literally see them working and after you stick your feet in you’ll visibly see the water change to a rust color, this is a chemical reaction between the electronic device (bio-energizing cartridge) that pulls toxins out through the over 2,000 pores in your feet. Even just taking a regular hot bath promotes sweating which is a great way to remove toxins!
  1. Exfoliating masks and detox wraps: Clay and seaweed masks and whole body wraps are great at drawing out toxins from your skin and will have your skin looking great in no time!
  1. Exercise: Exercise is one of the best promoters of sweat in the body, and sweating is one of the best ways to detox! Also, exercise is one of the best ways to encourage lymphatic flow, our body’s natural trash disposal system, which will remove foreign substances and bacteria from the body
  1. Massage: Massages and acupressure therapy are a great way to stimulate your body’s lymphatic flow, which will cause your body to rid itself of toxic garbage, and afterward you’ll feel incredibly loose and nimble!
  1. Food and supplements: Eating only organic and less processed foods is your body’s best way of ridding itself of the garbage your body has accumulated over time. And to maximize your detoxification, use supplements, diet programs, and recipes!
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You should really consider these 5 amazing ways to detox your body for maximum health and not paying attention to all the cliches you may have heard of… and as the writer of this article, I can personally attest to the benefits of periodic detoxing. Start with a detox plan/strategy that works for you and make it happen!

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