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4 Popular CBD Products

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What are 4 popular CBD products?

How many CBD products are there? Well, in this article we discuss 4 popular CBD products to help you sort them out. Cannabidiol (CBD) can be used to treat a variety of ailments. From anxiety and depression to even epilepsy or Parkinson’s, CBD is a fairly priced and effective medicine for many patients. Since there are so many different illnesses that CBD can be used to treat, it only makes sense that the demographics of the patients can vary significantly. It seems like younger age people are more affected by things such as anxiety, whereas an illness such as Parkinson’s tends to affect more mature adults and elderly people. With this wide range of patients comes a variety of circumstances that may affect how a patient wants, or is able to ingest their medicine.

Currently, the most common method of intake of CBD is via smoking, but that is not ideal for all patients; Some may have conditions that prohibit smoking, or they may prefer not to smoke. CBD is great because it caters to all sort of patients, and offers various methods of intake. This article serves as an overview of a few options, to helps patients determine the most appropriate method for their lifestyle. But, here are 4 popular CBD products that you can consider.

1. Smoking

As mentioned above, smoking seems to be the most common method of intake for most patients. There are also many recreational users of cannabis that prefer this method, which may add to the negative stigma attached to smoking. The reason that smoking is the most common form of intake is because it is the most intense, as well as the fastest acting.

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Using an “Oil Rig,” which is a glass water pipe used for the consumption of concentrates such as CBD oil, a patient can heat up the element, and then place some of the CBD oil extract on top, and inhale. Doing so will provide a small amount of vapor, which is cooled by the water, that once inhaled, will begin to be absorbed into the patient’s system. The effects should be felt within the next 15 minutes or so, which is why smoking is a great option for those who need quick relief. Since the patient is also able to control the amount of CBD oil that they inhale, it is easy to control their dosage. People with asthma or other conditions that effect the respiratory system should try to avoid smoking as it may irritate their lungs or cause chest pain/coughing.

2. Oil/Tincture

Another great option for consumption of CBD oil is through a tincture. By mixing CBD oil with a high-proof alcohol, and allowing it to sit for a few days, patients are able to create an edible mixture that allows for easy consumption, without the side effects from smoking. If users decide not to make the tincture themselves, it is often available for purchase from the same place that the CBD oil was obtained from.

In order to use the tincture, patients can put a drop of it underneath their tongue, and held inside their mouth, and then swallowed. Doing so will allow the CBD to be absorbed into the body, so that the medicine can begin taking action. Tinctures are great because they are even easier to measure dosage; Most store bought tinctures hold about 10mg of CBD oil per drop, so patients can accurately choose how much they are ingesting, to meet the recommendations from their doctor/prescription.

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3. Pill/Edibles

For those who are not in need of the immediate relief that smoking offers, and do not like the taste of using tinctures, CBD can be found in pill or edible form as well.

Pills offer a tasteless, easy form of consumption that is perfect for patients who are not in a rush; It can be taken in the morning, and the effects will be felt throughout the day. Pill are a cost effective method of treatment, and do not require any change in lifestyle for the patient.

For those who are a little more adventurous, CBD can also be consumed through edibles. Most dispensaries that sell tinctures or pills will also have some edibles for sale. They can come in many forms: Lollipops, brownies, candies, chocolates, and so on. This means that patients have a huge variety to choose from if they are interested in this method of consumption. The effects can be felt quicker than in pill form, but not as fast as with smoking. The only issue with edibles, is that it is harder to determine how much is being consumed. While most packaging contains dosage amounts, it can be difficult to tell exactly how much is being ingested, especially if the patient chooses to make their own edibles.

4. Topical creams

Topical creams are often not considered for most CBD patients. It seems that they are harder to find in stores, and making them can be difficult. Although topical creams are often more expensive than the other options on this list, for some patients they are ideal. They are extremely easy to use, and often have other beneficial properties such as moisturizing dry skin, and smelling great. The psychoactive components of CBD can not be absorbed through the skin, so this is a perfect fit for patients who are worried about their medicine affecting their lifestyle. The only downside for this method is that it often does not last as long, so re-application may be necessary throughout the day.

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As the market for CBD products evolves, it is clear that the patients who use these medications cannot be grouped together into one demographic. Different patients require different applications for CBD oil, and in order to make CBD more accessible, producers are expanding on the different ways patients can use it. Before using CBD for any illness, it is important for any patient to do research, and to consult a physician to determine the best method of consumption for their lifestyle.

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